General Attractions

Below we have listed all of the attractions in the Isle of Mull. This complete list provides a description of the attraction as well as a link to their website for further information and booking if required.

Aros Park

attractionsAros Park is like a fabulous back garden for the town of Tobermory. Trails wander through attractive woodland, lush with ferns, and there’s a waterfall to discover, plus a play trail for children to explore. You can cook a barbecue and even try your hand at trout fishing.

Ardalanish Weavers

attractionsTake a tour and discover how we weave using Victorian Dobcross power looms, of the type that have helped sustain the British textile industry for over a hundred years.  Although slower than modern looms, they enable us to maintain the highest quality by overseeing every inch of cloth produced.

Calgary Arts

general attractionsCalgary Art In Nature was set up in 1999 it’s aim was to site pieces of sculpture within the woodland at Calgary that will provoke & enlighten a general awareness of art in nature. The new Gallery in the woods, above Matthews carving studio, is primarily for his work, but will occasionally have seasonal exhibitions featuring other artists.

Comar Theatre

general attractions

Comar is a multi-arts organisation that produces, presents and develops creative work. We support and connect artists and audiences across Mull, Iona and beyond and seek meaningful ways to inspire, inform and shape our communities through culture and creativity.

Isle of Mull Cheese

general attractionsThe making of cheese on Scottish Islands has long been practised as a way of conserving the rich plentiful milk of spring and early summer, the grass is stimulated into luxuriant growth. The cows then have an abundance of herbage on which to graze. They show their appreciation by filling the milk pail, so giving to our island cheese makers the opportunity of practising their ancient craft.

Killierchronan Pony Trekking

general attractions

There are many trekking options available. The hill ride takes you up to a magnificent view point where a monument stands to remember a past owner of the Killierchronan Estate. With amazing scenery throughout the ride with plenty of opportunity to spot deer and lots of bird life including golden and sea eagles. The sea eagles nest high on the hill above Killierchronan and can be spotted almost daily passing overhead to catch fish in the loch.

Mull Aquarium

attractionsThey can be squishy, slimey or spikey, and some even squirt water. Touch and feel the amazing creatures that live just below the water in Tobermory Bay. Great for younger ones and the young at heart, it’s the plaice to be! Our aquarium is a one of a kind as our specimens are released every 4 weeks, meaning a different array of attractions all the time!

Mull Museum

attractionsFrom early people living in duns and brochs, through the times of warring clans and their castles, to more recent events. Exhibits of crofting, farming, fishing and everyday objects show what life was like in Mull in the past. The wreck of a Spanish galleon in 1588 brought excitement to the place, as did the hundreds of naval personnel who trained here during Second World War.

Mull Willow

general attractionsWillow weaving workshops for adults and children every week on the Ross Of Mull. Learn the traditional craft of basket making and the art of sculptural willow work. Workshop with word burning stove and amazing views. Half day and full day courses.

Rainydays Indoor Play

general attractionsRainydays is a community run indoor soft play area situated at the rear of the Aros Hall on the main street in Tobermory. Rainydays is open all year with extended opening times in the holidays. Healthy snacks and drinks are available for children, with teas and coffee and home baking from the café.

Tobermory Distillery

attractionsThe majestic Isle of Mull holds a very special crown. For at the north east of the island is Tobermory, home to one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. Our distillery lies in a tranquil harbour known as Ledaig ”safe haven” in Gaelic. Across the bay Tobermory sparkles like the most precious of jewels that it is. Come and visit our distillery 18+ only.