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Film Locations

The stunning scenery and beauty of this region of Scotland has inspired many film directors to choose the island as a location for their movies. The appeal seems to be the mountains, coast line, Castles, stunning beaches and lochs. Here follows a few details of films and their location on the Isle of Mull.

I Know Where I’m Going

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Most of the film was shot on the island and the Scottish inhabitants and their customs are strikingly portrayed. The whole atmosphere of the film is animate with the sound of violent storms and crashing waves on the rocky coast, not forgetting the haunting abandoned castles and the whining of the bagpipes!

The Eye Of The Needle

scenic attractionsEye of the Needle is a spy thriller novel written by British author Ken Follett which was made into a film in 1981 starring Donald Sutherland, Christopher Cazanove and Kate Nelligan.

When Eight Bells Toll

scenic attractionsThe thriller writer Alastair MacLean wrote the 1965 novel and the screen play for the 1971 action film ‘When Eight Bells Toll’, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jack Hawkins.


scenic attractionsKidnapped is a historical fiction adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson which was actually set on the tidal island of Erraid, just of the south west tip of Mull. Robert Louis Stevenson spent many holidays on Erraid as his father and grandfather were Lighthouse Engineers.


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This 1999 romantic thriller starred Catherine Zeta-Jones as an investigator who works for a top insurance agency and Sean Connery as an international art thief who likes a challenge!


Eas Fors Waterfall

scenic attractionsEas Fors Waterfall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls on the island, situated just off the B8073, a couple of miles North of Ulva Ferry. There are captivating views across Loch Tuath to the island of Ulva.

Stargazing and Astro-photography

The night skies on the Isle of Mull are quite extraordinary, with very little background light away from the villages.  The atmosphere is clear, with very little pollution from either particles or light, allowing clear view of the cosmos.

Night photography is becoming quite popular, with one company offering stargazing and wildlife excursions.

During periods of high sun activity, Mull is in sight of the Aurora Borealis

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